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About Seed Lake    |    History

Seed Lake encompasses 240 acres with 13 miles of shoreline and is located in Rabun County, Georgia. It is the second lake in a series of six lakes that follow the original riverbed of the Tallulah River. Each lake in the chain is created by hydroelectric dams operated by Georgia Power. Lake Seed is sandwiched between the northernmost lake in the series, Lake Burton, and Lake Rabun. Lake Rabun is followed by Lake Tallulah FallsLake Tugalo, and Lake Yonah. The reservoir elevation is listed as 1,765 feet on topographic maps, but Georgia Power considers the lake full at an elevation of 1,752.5 feet.

Seed Lake was formed in 1927 with the completion of the Nacoochee Dam, a gravity concrete and masonry dam that is 75 feet high and spans 490 feet. The associated Nacoochee Hydroelectric Plant has a capacity of 4,800 kilowatts. Nacoochee is derived from the Cherokee word that means “evening star.”

The Seed Lake Association, Inc. is a volunteer organization dedicated to keeping homeowners connected. The organization also strives to keep homeowners informed of important issues that may affect the lake community.