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Peachtree Battle Living – “Summer is almost here, and the lakes of Rabun County, GA are calling”

“If you are drawn to the splendor of majestic mountain views, emerald green waters, and a picture postcard setting filled with opportunities for outdoor recreation, life at our lake communities is where you’ll feel right at home.”



Garden & Gun – The Old-Fashioned Allure of Lake Rabun

“WHY WE LOVE IT: As you approach Lake Rabun, the decades seem to vanish right along with your cell service. A water-skier cuts across the lake’s glassy surface behind a 1935 triple-cockpit Gar Wood. Around the bend, a gleaming 1949 Chris-Craft pulls up to a neighbor’s boathouse for cocktails. Somewhere a charcoal grill fires up, its familiar scent riding the evening breeze. There’s a timelessness to this rural Blue Ridge hideout in North Georgia’s Chattahoochee National Forest—one anchored by the lake’s flotilla of vintage wooden boats.”



Garden & Gun An Ode to Days on the Lake Adventure, romance, wonder—a lifetime of memories shaped by the water by BRONWEN DICKEY

“Launching off a dock into Georgia’s Lake Rabun. Some kids have clubhouses or tree forts where their minds are free to run loose; I had a dock—a ten-by-ten square of rotting plywood, with a sagging bench and one demoralized plank that functioned as a boat slip for the Sunfish sailboat that we never used. To get down there from the house, you had to run a gauntlet of ivy-choked flagstones that copperheads liked to sun themselves on, then jump over a boggy dip in the path where crabgrass and drifts of pine straw turned to pluff mud. Off to the right, a Pawleys Island hammock that had seen better days swayed feebly in the wind. The whole setup wasn’t much to look at, but in my eight-year-old imagination, the dock on that lake was a secret place: a hideout, a laboratory, a spaceship, a time machine.”

Atlanta Magazine Article – “Summers on the Lake”

Lake Rabun is only 835 acres and not nearly so impressive as Lake Burton, largest in the chain. And yet its nestled privacy is part of an enduring charm. We loved the still water in a nacreous early morning, dark enough for owls but light enough to see a child’s dawn-rosy face. We drank coffee on the lovely roofed space above the boathouse as luminous mid-mornings reflected cumulus clouds slowly drifting across the lake’s surface. And after sunset, when the last few boats hummed quietly out on the dark water, we were in our seats for the deafening town hall argument of cicadas.”




Garden and Gun – “Perfect Summer Lake Life”

“There’s one marina and a twenties-era inn, and the closest grocery store is a thirty-minute drive. But it’s exactly that quiet charm that has kept families returning for generations to this North Georgia hideout, just a hundred miles from Atlanta. Summer highlights include the Fourth of July Wooden Boat Parade—the area is home to one of the country’s largest concentrations of classic crafts”





New York Times – “McBoathouse Roils the Lake”

“On Lake Rabun in North Georgia, the social equivalent of “Where are you from?” or “What do you do?” is “Where do you keep your boat?”






Southern Living – “The South’s Greatest Lakes”

“Know for its classic style, this is the perfect lake for old-fashioned family fun.”






Wood Boater – “Lake Rabun, Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary” 

“Since the early days of Woody Boater, we have been aware of a very special lake in Georgia – named Lake Rabun. Just 90 miles north east of Atlanta in the Chattahoochee National Forest, Lake Rabun has a ton of history, and along with that history comes – you guessed it – a ton of wooden boats.”