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“Farm to table” is a phrase used with considerable frequency these days as people have come to realize that much of the food they eat take many detours on the way from the farm to the table. The essence of the phrase brings about the idea of fresh and wholesome food that comes directly from the farm to our plates. Rabun County has numerous small to large producers of produce, meats, wine, dairy, and other agricultural products. A visit to one of our local farmers markets illustrates the variety of famers in our area and their dedication to providing the best products for our dining tables.
In recognition of this, on August 27, 2014, the Rabun County Board of Commissioners voted in favor of a declaration naming Rabun County the Farm to Table Capital of Georgia. This declaration not only recognizes those people who work hard every day to provide these products but also brings people here for agri-tourism.
While some may think this is a relatively new concept it is anything but in Rabun County. As long ago as the early 1900’s we found local produce and meats showing up at the back door of Inns and restaurants. Visitors from the region and beyond came to Rabun County to enjoy the bounty of the land, woods, and rivers. Now we have award winning restaurants and chefs who are creating new traditions utilizing the best the area has to offer all while those who remain engrained in the history of the county continue to fill the bellies of those who make a regular pilgrimage to Rabun County.
So when you are in Rabun County please take a moment to enjoy the best eating and drinking the region has to offer. A few of the many farm to table restaurants include Fortify and The Lake Rabun Hotel. In season you will find farm to table restaurants, produce markets, farmers markets, honey producers, wine and mead makers, free range meats, craft distilleries, and so much more. Fresh and local is always so much better but don’t take my word for it. Come and taste for yourself. Enjoy!

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