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How We Work With Buyers

The Lake Team loves matching buyers with their dream lake home so that they can build precious memories with family and friends years beyond their purchase.  Over the past 15 years, we have helped more than 107 Buyers successfully purchase their lake homes. Our goal is for every buyer to be both elated with their new home as well as in their experience working with The Lake Team. We have put together a ‘Buying Process Guide‘ that helps explain our lake home buying process including detailed examples of Georgia Power leases.

We love the process and view it in these phases:

Getting to Know Each Other

Being a team of four with different personalities, we feel confident that we will be able to understand and meet your buying needs. Initially, we will probably exchange emails and phone calls about your desires and what properties might work for you. We will most likely follow those exchanges up with some detailed information on the properties that potentially could fit you. After culling through that information, we will then have a better idea of what we should actually show you. When we settle on your first visit, you will likely meet several of our team members so that you have the opportunity to connect with as many of us as possible. On subsequent visits, you will meet the remaining team members as we begin to form a relationship.

Educating Each Other

Through our dialogue with you, we will learn about your needs and desires in a lake home. You will learn from us about the differences between leased land and fee simple, the various “neighborhoods” of the lakes, and any back stories on possible homes. We will also talk about each lake in detail. We will bring up nuances that you might not have thought about, such as afternoon sun versus morning sun, views, and depth of water. We will also share detailed data accumulated and analyzed using a proprietary data base that we have created and maintained for the past 15 years. We will update you regularly on the market with notification of new listings and price changes to keep you well informed.

Narrowing the Field

After thoroughly understanding what you are looking for, we will begin offering suggestions of properties that we believe meet some of your criteria. This will be an interactive process as your reaction to the homes we present will help refine our understanding of the property that will work best for you.

Previewing Homes

When you are ready to get out on the lake, we will show you properties by both boat and car. Showing by boat will give you a sense of the lakes and of the setting for the homes. Travel by car will help you understand the approach to the home, the neighborhood and the length of time to reach the home from town as well as the quality of the roads. We will share our thoughts and knowledge on each of these properties to shed light on the positive and negative aspects that may not be apparent. Our intimate knowledge of the lake and available properties in addition to getting to know your wants and needs will help ensure that we show you relevant properties instead of irrelevant ones.

Negotiating Contracts

We work with both Buyers as Clients, who we legally represent through a written Buyer Brokerage Agreement, and Buyers as  Customers, who we do not legally represent.This may be because we are selling one of our listings. For our Buyers as Clients, we will work with you to help negotiate the final price and terms of the transaction. We will spend as much time as you may need us to assist and guide you through the due-diligence and closing process.  For our Buyers as Customers, we will perform ministerial tasks such as identifying properties for you, providing pre-printed real estate contract forms and completing them according to your instructions and identifying third-parties (inspectors, contractors, lenders, attorneys) for you to speak with and work with through the closing process. We will assist in all those inspections as your “boots on the ground”

Closing & Post Closing

Upon securing a bound contract, we will use project management software to complete the sale by assisting with multiple inspections, meetings, and deadlines. Most of our buyers do not live in the area and rely heavily on us to handle scores of tasks to prepare for the closing and the move. After the transaction is complete and you are enjoying the lake, we hope to be among your new lake friends. We regularly interact with our past buyers and gladly offer assistance whenever they need it, whether it be a recommendation for a plumber or anything else.

Lake Rabun Home

“We feel very fortunate to have been connected with The Lake Team! Michael, Craig, Brad, and the entire team were such a pleasure to work with in purchasing our Lake Rabun home. Throughout the process, Michael and Craig’s knowledge of the market and advice regarding all aspects of the transaction were invaluable to us. More importantly, we always felt as if they had our best interests at heart. From our first phone call with Michael expressing interest in the lake to the closing of our new home, each member of The Lake Team was diligent, thoughtful and knowledgeable…it was by far our best home purchase experience. We highly recommend the Lake Team to anyone needing assistance in purchasing or selling a home in the area. We are thrilled with our home and are delighted to have made new friends in the

Mary and Cameron Bready Purchased 2018 Lake Rabun

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